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Bexx Secret Garden Operating Policies

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Bexx Secret Garden Operating Policies

We hope the following Policy explanations will help you in choosing Bexx Secret Garden as your choice for your event .  Please contact Bexx at 818-292-8244 for any questions not covered in this document.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy and any such changes will be posted on this page before they go into affect.

Effective Date

May 17, 2019

Event Times and Overtime

10:00am to 10:00pm 7 days a week. Rain or Shine.

The Garden is available for a minimum of 3 hours. An extra hour will be charged if guests are still using the facilities after 20 minutes after arranged closed tme.

Payment & Cancellation

A $500 partial-refundable deposit is required to lock in the Date of your event. We will refund your deposit during the first 48 hours after your payment is received, minus a $50 - $95 Administration Fee,the amount depends on the amount of admin time we have spent. If you cancel after 48 hours or more, a sliding scale on the deposit refund will be made. Please click on the "Deposit Refund Chart" below. Final payment is due two weeks before the event and will be invoiced using an electronic payment method sent to you. Checks will not be accepted unless received by us 20 days before the event.

Please click on the link below to show the partial deposit refund policy:


Gratuities are not added. If you want to add a gratuity on the electronic invoice we send to you you may do so at that time. If you prefer to add a gratuity after the event, please provide directly to Bexx, rather than individual staff, so she can distribute accordingly.

Administration Fee

As stated above, a modest administration fee is added to your contract. Bexx spends many hours researching and working with you to make your event special. The planning and interaction with you is one on one and each event is custom and different than other events.


The Garden is not very conducive for children. Unfortunately there are no amenities available. We welcome a small number of Children for your event and assume they will be supervised by you as there are many trinkets and curiosities that they may encounter. Glue, permanent markers, paint are not allowed. There will be a $150 deposit required for cleaning and/or damage, which will be refunded to you after the event barring any unforseen incidents. If Craft table is wanted, there will be a modest set up fee which will include brown paper covering and any other protection requirements for the table. Regardless, there can be no permanent markers or paint used at the table, as these items invariably end up marking the floor or furniture. If the Craft table is wanted, the type of crafts used will first have to be approved by Bexx prior to final contract.

Client provided Decorations and Games

Clients are allowed to bring in decorations and Game paraphernalia, as long as it does not include Glue, permanent markers, paint and any other items that can permanently damage the Garden space and decor.

Alcoholic Beverages

Guests are not allowed to bring in their personal alcoholic beverages, due to our insurance regulations. Any such beverages will be quarantined and returned after the event. Clients may bring in Alcoholic Beverages which shall be set up by staff at our Bar. All beverage arrangements shall be approved by Bexx before the event.


Smoking for guests is allowed in the Garden space, as long as the Client approves. Smoking is not allowed outside the Gate in the driveway or Street.


Parking is available on the street directly in font of the Garden (Bakman Ave), and other adjoining streets (Otswego). For large events, there is parking at the Park one block away. Keep in mind that there is a 2 hour limit Monday to Saturday on Bakman (Sunday OK), but other nearaby streets have no limitation.

Music and Entertainment

The Garden provides continuous appropriate music for your event through 4 bluetooth speakers. Client can bring their own mobile device with their music, or sign in to Spotify to play their album choices. Unfortunately we don't allow DJs since we can not control the volume.


The Garden roof area is completely rain proof and closed in with clear panel Trellises. Summer months will have fans, umbrellas and buit-in misters in the trellis work at no charge. Winter months may require portable propane space heaters. a minimal charge for 1 to 7 heaters will be added to the Fee.

E-mail:  bexxsg@gmail.com  or by phone:  818-288-8244